Politics is a Losing Game

I’ve never really understood why anyone who has any sort of platform or leadership position would want to wade into expressing their political views publicly. It’s really nothing more than what you believe the role of government should be. Everyone has their own political views but those who choose to make their views known to others, risk losing more than they can gain.

Politics is divisive. It divides families and friendships. A business owner who spouts off politically risks losing half of his or her customer base. A pastor who uses the pulpit to push a political agenda risks alienating half of the congregation. A musician or actor who goes on a political rant potentially repels half of their fans and followers.

Do I have political views? Absolutely. If you came here for a political slant, you’re probably in the wrong place. What you will find here is a Judeo-Christian slant because that’s the worldview I ascribe to. Be wise and keep your politics to yourself.

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